Born from Source

When you truly love someone or something, to the core of your being, there is a choice you need to make in your heart. A crossroads of sorts between conditional love and unconditional love.

Conditional love (or selfish love) has a controlling factor like a black hole trying to suck the light into its center. Conditions of the heart demand to be moved like chess pieces on the board of life, trying to synergistically capture the King of the opponent. Believing it will bring happiness as if your life depends on it. You move a piece, they move a piece. And one by one, each other's hopes and dreams are knocked off the board until there is a winner and both people walk away exhausted, spent, hurt and alone.

Unconditional love (or selfless love) has an organic and freeing factor. Yes, you acknowledge the conditions of your heart, the hopes and wants, and you see possibilities all around you, all swirling around like a well woven tapestry. But you do not demand the possibilities into existence. You do not try to imprison the other. You experience it outside of your own desires. It's like walking through a beautiful botanical garden or amazing lake nestled in the middle of a forest. You want so desperately for that scenery to imprint on your soul and make permanent residence. But no amount of pictures you take or rocks you pick up, no matter what you say or do, nothing can force that scenery to be permanently part of you. You can only bathe in the beauty of the moment. That moment. Enjoy the wisdom and lessons that being within it brings. You have to let life go on exactly how it is - without expectation. Without the need for control. And if you waste time wishing and hoping things could be different, you miss the opportunity that the current moment brings. It is within that beautiful, selfless, unconditional love that you realize that you do not need that someone or something to be happy. You had already arrived in that state of perfect bliss enough to see the amazing splendor around you. You love enough to let go. You thank them for being who they are in your life. You give them the freedom you have to choose. Maybe you even say goodbye as they leave this earth.

Unconditional love (or selfless love) is born from Source. It is the thing that connects us all to one another and it has been within you from the moment time began. You only need to open your eyes and see it.

Namaste and Selah