I'm Back!


After a long two months in Berkeley, California being the Assistant Director of a Tech Summer Camp for kids, I am finally back in Sacramento. This summer was insane, fun, exhausting and was not what I expected. But I got through it, completed my job to the best of my ability, and allowed it to focus me in the direction I want to go next. I have "management" experience on my resume and I made it through some of the hardest work I have ever done. 

So what is on the agenda now? Jumping back into creative work doing voiceovers, design, writing and directing a film. I hope to complete the animation of my first short story - The Mighty Oak. I also hope to start on a new feature-length film continuing the story of Christine from my short film A Bit of Forever

On an even more exciting note, the audiobook I narrated is available now on Amazon and Audible. New to audiobooks? Click on the picture below and start your trial with the audiobook today!