Never Give Up

Image of a white couch on the right and a cactus on the left. Above it are the words “Work Hard. Dream Big. Never Give Up.”

Image of a white couch on the right and a cactus on the left. Above it are the words “Work Hard. Dream Big. Never Give Up.”

Some wise person once said that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. I have recently had a series of events occur that made this become more of a reality. Since the passing of my husband in 2016, I have been trying to restart my life. It was necessary for me to go back to school to get my college degree in order to have access to more jobs that I could support myself with. Within that journey towards my education, I started reinventing myself as the Media Maven I have come to be known for.

Recently, in my quest for more full time employment, I was referred to a position that seemed to be out of my skill sets. With encouragement from my referral that I did have the skills, I took a Project Management Foundations class on to connect my previous skills for this organization. After combing over my experiences and skill sets, I was able to bridge them to the current position. I modified the wording on my resume to match the keywords in the job description, took the test, passed with a 95% and submitted my resume.

But my preparation didn’t stop there. I learned more about the organization by reading the companies Strategic Plan, watched YouTube videos they had recently produced and continued to go over the duty statement requirements. It was through this preparation that I realized I wanted to learn more about how people process multiple communication formats. I started looking for online schools and found a new undergraduate degree at University of Pheonix and started the application and enrollment process for my Bachelor of Science for Applied Psychology in Media and Technology. I started seeing that not only did I need to know the written and technical aspect of creating engaging media, but a persons connection to that media from a psychological perspective.

This entire journey all came out of the necessity for a full time job. As I continue to prepare for my upcoming interview, I look forward to continuing this road of self discovery. I hope this encourages you to move forward in your own journey towards your dreams as well.

All My Love,