Change the Narrative

Because winter is a season of deep reflection, my blog posts will turn towards just that. These will be more spiritual in nature combined with a bit of creativity in the mix. I hope you enjoyed the series. 

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

When faced with hard emotions during the holidays, it’s very easy to just given to the melancholy and allow it to overtake you. Or, you can push through the malaise, see it for the perception that it is and release it to the Universe. This is done through honesty, self reflection and stepping outside the boundaries you placed on yourself throughout life. I am no longer willing to allow the child within dictate my perception of reality. Instead I will take her hand and together we will learn a new way of perceiving the world around us through reconstructing our narrative from within.

The Cocoon

Starting a new book with a local friend, client and mentor of mine. I cannot say exactly what is happening in my heart but there has been a Universal Shift that has happened inside of me. Spirit has removed all distractions and I find myself changing deep inside. It’s the metamorphosis that I knew was coming years ago while working in the corporate tech sector. The Genesis Journey if you will. Though I spent many years running from this part of my life, I am now facing it head on and moving forward. May each of you find the courage to walk that same journey.

20% is magic; being in the right place at the right time.

20% is magic; being in the right place at the right time.

The Genesis Journey

by Rebecca Withey


I feel the spirit move beneath me

Like a current toward some uncharted destiination 

Once the revelation came forth

And the words spilled from my lips letting go  

It turned some ancient key to unlock

A new adventure that had been patiently waiting  


I stare into the noonday sky in wonder and awe

Anticipation tickling my skin and making the hairs

Stand in reckless abandonment

My head dizzy with delight, or is it hunger? 

I’m not sure which but the strength of it

Pulls me forward


The need for control lingers in the background  

Like some cold portrait over a fireplace hearth

Demanding recognition

Yet remembering the years held by its captivity

I chose to look away  

My foot inching forward in a blinding trust

That I had forgotten to embrace for a time  

This path being a stark stranger  

One that I spent years running from

I chose the bondage of denial

Rather than the freedom within the pain

Putting my hand inside Yours

The empty air suddenly fills with

Warmth and tangibility  

Like flesh forming from the ether

My life’s journey had brought Source

In victorious pursuit

As it sent Itself forth to seek me out

Alluring me into thinking

That all this time

I was the one searching

Copyright ©️ 2000 - Rebecca C. Withey - All Rights Reserved

The Call to Self


Sometimes things happen in our lives that distract us from our own journey. For those of us who love to help, we can sometimes get so distracted in assisting others in our journey because we desire to have that same help should something happen to us. However, this rabbit hole leads us to endless opportunities of preventing us from providing for our own needs. Then we get mad if the other person doesn’t seem thankful for responds in the way that we had hoped.

It’s times like this we need to step back and remember who we are. We need to realize that we cannot get in the way of someone else’s path for the sake of assisting them with it. By giving them something we need to give ourselves, we make them little thieves in our lives. Plus, we rob them of the lessons they need to learn on their own.

Though the butterfly might struggle in coming out of the cocoon, it needs that struggle to develop the wings they need to fly. So we must focus on our own struggle out of the cocoon instead of trying to pry open the cocoon of others.

This poem was written as a call to myself for such a time as this.

Appeler a Soi

Forget not who You are

Dear One

Your timeless, ancient soul

Do not forget the road you walk

With distractions big and bold

Forget not all the lessons learned

The strengthened cry within

Do not forget the traveled mile

That birthed you to begin

Forget not all the scrapes and scars

As you fought brush, tooth and nail

The scraped knee as you climbed the mount

With no harness, nor hand to bail

Forget not who You are

My love

Do not fade into the night

For you hold the keys of secret hearts

As you light their highways bright

Persistence Abounds


That would be the one word that describes a part of my personality. Not that I come to each moment in robust pride and over exaggerated self-confidence, but something in me stays true to who I am deep within, regardless of the expectations of others. Especially when it comes to my creative nature.

My father had a hard time accepting my creativity because, of course, all artists are starving...right? And the last thing a parent wants is a dependent child who puts their art above being a self sufficient contributor of society. My mother was the compassionate supporter and did her best to balance the frustration of my paternal caretaker. Almost to the point of codependency. While I faced one challenge after another, I stayed true to the creative person inside of me all the while trying to be a responsible adult for everyone around me.  

Creativity became my outlet of self-discovery. No matter the emotion or issue, I would write, sing, dance, act, film or compose music to process my emotions. It was a way for me to take my thoughts and feelings outside of myself and work my way logically around the situation before putting it back in my head. The amazing thing about this process of using creativity to sort out the mysteries of life is how many people relate to the piece created.

1/2/2015 - Written, recorded and video created in my car on a snowy day in Nevada City while waiting for my daughter to was doing makeup and modeling for a photoshoot. 

Being a creative person facing tragedy and severe loss can propel you into turning around your own circumstances through that creativity. According to an article written in the Huffington Post:

"An emerging field of psychology called post-traumatic growth is suggesting that many people are able to use their hardships and early-life trauma for substantial creative growth. Specifically, researchers have found that trauma can help people to grow in the areas of interpersonal relationships, spirituality, appreciation of life, personal strength, and — most importantly for creativity — seeing new possibilities in life."

Some people have not understood this creative process of figuring out life. I had a grief counselor tell me that I had exacerbated the grief process by writing and filming A Bit of Forever. On the contrary. I prepared myself mentally, emotionally and physically for the journey I had perceived was coming. And when that time and moment came, my mind was set that tomorrow would be a better day than today. That film has touched many lives both through the making and viewing of it.

Tenacity was the beginning of my journey into writing, design, music and filmmaking.

So I encourage you, continue in your creative efforts of self discovery and expression. It may just change your perspective all the while touching lives of all those around you.