Let the beauty of what you love be what you do - Rumi

My girlfriend asked my girl crew to go away with her for a weekend. She needed some time out of her normal space and I knew the perfect place. The Round House. So three of us decided to rent this space for the weekend. With my home life in flux and deadlines quickly approaching, you would think it would have been a good time to stay at home and get things done. On the contrary. I needed this as much as my girlfriend. 

Last night was a fun blur of amazing food, wine, music, massage and good old fashioned laughter. It was like a grown up slumber party. We stayed up until 3am and enjoyed life to the fullest. I woke up only a few hours later with the sun in my eyes and the morning sounds beckoning me to come outside.  

And so I did.  

I sat on the porch and took in the glorious sights and sounds. No media. No traffic. Just nature. I sat there drinking my tea and just...being. It had been a long time since I had done that. I have been so busy pushing forward some sort of agenda that I kind of lost track of myself. I forgot that I am living inside of this earth suit and it needed a break. 

I have tons of projects I need to finish. So many people needing help in one form or another. But like the airplane stewardess says “secure your own oxygen mask before you secure your children’s” 

This is my oxygen. 

The Round House view from the porch. 

The Round House view from the porch.