The Call to Self


Sometimes things happen in our lives that distract us from our own journey. For those of us who love to help, we can sometimes get so distracted in assisting others in our journey because we desire to have that same help should something happen to us. However, this rabbit hole leads us to endless opportunities of preventing us from providing for our own needs. Then we get mad if the other person doesn’t seem thankful for responds in the way that we had hoped.

It’s times like this we need to step back and remember who we are. We need to realize that we cannot get in the way of someone else’s path for the sake of assisting them with it. By giving them something we need to give ourselves, we make them little thieves in our lives. Plus, we rob them of the lessons they need to learn on their own.

Though the butterfly might struggle in coming out of the cocoon, it needs that struggle to develop the wings they need to fly. So we must focus on our own struggle out of the cocoon instead of trying to pry open the cocoon of others.

This poem was written as a call to myself for such a time as this.

Appeler a Soi

Forget not who You are

Dear One

Your timeless, ancient soul

Do not forget the road you walk

With distractions big and bold

Forget not all the lessons learned

The strengthened cry within

Do not forget the traveled mile

That birthed you to begin

Forget not all the scrapes and scars

As you fought brush, tooth and nail

The scraped knee as you climbed the mount

With no harness, nor hand to bail

Forget not who You are

My love

Do not fade into the night

For you hold the keys of secret hearts

As you light their highways bright