The Cocoon

Starting a new book with a local friend, client and mentor of mine. I cannot say exactly what is happening in my heart but there has been a Universal Shift that has happened inside of me. Spirit has removed all distractions and I find myself changing deep inside. It’s the metamorphosis that I knew was coming years ago while working in the corporate tech sector. The Genesis Journey if you will. Though I spent many years running from this part of my life, I am now facing it head on and moving forward. May each of you find the courage to walk that same journey.

20% is magic; being in the right place at the right time.

20% is magic; being in the right place at the right time.

The Genesis Journey

by Rebecca Withey


I feel the spirit move beneath me

Like a current toward some uncharted destiination 

Once the revelation came forth

And the words spilled from my lips letting go  

It turned some ancient key to unlock

A new adventure that had been patiently waiting  


I stare into the noonday sky in wonder and awe

Anticipation tickling my skin and making the hairs

Stand in reckless abandonment

My head dizzy with delight, or is it hunger? 

I’m not sure which but the strength of it

Pulls me forward


The need for control lingers in the background  

Like some cold portrait over a fireplace hearth

Demanding recognition

Yet remembering the years held by its captivity

I chose to look away  

My foot inching forward in a blinding trust

That I had forgotten to embrace for a time  

This path being a stark stranger  

One that I spent years running from

I chose the bondage of denial

Rather than the freedom within the pain

Putting my hand inside Yours

The empty air suddenly fills with

Warmth and tangibility  

Like flesh forming from the ether

My life’s journey had brought Source

In victorious pursuit

As it sent Itself forth to seek me out

Alluring me into thinking

That all this time

I was the one searching

Copyright ©️ 2000 - Rebecca C. Withey - All Rights Reserved