Below are a collection of films that have been chosen for Film Festivals that have been written, produced, directed or edited by Rebecca Withey. More videos are available via her YouTube channel.



Based on my own personal journey through watching my husband fight cancer, this was the very first film that I wrote, directed, edited and produced. It was an honor to drive to Old Hollywood, CA to see it premiere for the first time.

A Rebecca Withey Studios & Crimson Thread Media Production

CAST: Tressa Ohler - Christine, Brian Jagger - Pastor Brad, Yvette Wright Gauff - Hospice Nurse, Elena Sogard - Neighborhood Girl, Randall Parker - Boat Captain, Randall Rankin - Voice of Dr. Laing.

CREW: Rebecca Withey - Writer, Director, Editor, Executive Producer; Randall Rankin - Assistant Director/Casting Director, Co-Producer; Duane Bohannon - Producer, Data Rangler, Production Assistant; Jen Kingston - Director of Photography; Jonathan Patton - Camera Operator, Production Assistant; Jason Young - Boom Operator, Production Assistant; Allison Gibson - Production Coordinator, Stylist/Makeup; Tanya Bohannon - Intercessor, Production Assistant; Teresa Kratzer - Intercessor, Production Assistant; David Eugene Ivey - Music Composer; The Midnight Smoker BBQ - Food/Craft Services.


The second time I created a piece for a Film Festival. This is where local filmmakers are paired up with local musicians for a segment called Sac Music Scene

Written, directed and edited by Rebecca Withey for the 2013 Sac Music Seen at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. Director of Photography by Jonathan Patton. Music by Cary Farley.


I wrote and directed this micro-film for a college class that was the official selection of the 2015 Upcoming Filmmakers Showcase in Auburn, CA. It was also promoted through Project Semicolon, used in local news segments to promote the organization and viewed over 53,000 times on YouTube.

A micro film written by Rebecca Withey for #ProjectSemicolon and her Intro to Video Production class at Sierra College. Written, filmed and edited by Rebecca Withey. Starring Chrissy Skalland as Emily. FX/Makeup by Emily Patton. Film & Editing Assistant by Eugene Manalo Graphics by Amy Bleuel. Music "Better Days" by BenSound.com For more information on Project Semicolon go to http://www.ProjectSemicolon.com