The Mighty Oak - A Living Parable

Synopsis: The Mighty Oak is a story of love, loss and hope. The short film is a modern, animated parable that opens with a Mighty Oak, standing alone in a field of beautiful flowers. He has been alone for some time when a farmer comes and plants a Cherry Tree next to him. The Mighty Oak and the Cherry Tree fall in love and become entwined with one another. This love helps the Cherry Tree grow and mature and, in the end, withstand the storms that rages against her in life.

In Honor of my late husband, Mark Everett Withey
November 15, 1961 - September 22, 2016


Written, Narrated, Produced, Edited

Rebecca C. Withey

Music by:

Kevin MacLeod/Incompetech


Michael Bittner

Special Thanks to:

Cosumnes River College - RTVF Department


This story idea was receive September 21, 2016, the day before my husband passed. It was written a little over 1 year ago for a Simon & Schuster competition where I made the top 50 most voted. Though I did not win the contest, I chose to narrate and create this as a Graphic Animation in After Effects to keep my skills up that I learned in college. I released on a private link via friends and family to honor my husband who passed the day after I received the story. I decided to submit it to the Film Festival circuit after my colleagues, professionals in the Radio, TV and Film Department at my work, highly suggested I do so.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

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